Building the Impact Economy

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Can capital markets, or capitalism itself, help make the world a better place? The contours of a world order successfully combining private initiative, markets, and sustainability are gradually becoming clearer.

The innovations that are currently being rolled out, however, are not gaining scale fast enough. If we do not build a pipeline of powerful solutions for the most pressing problems of our time, an ugly world might instead materialize just as well.

If problems are bad and their urgency growing, what can we really do about it? How can we take our practice up by not just one increment, but to a whole other level, where success at the scale required becomes a serious possibility all of a sudden? How does this translate into products, services and markets?

This book looks at the core arenas. It develops a comprehensive framework for creating sustainable new business approaches on a massive scale. As usual, money is part of the solution. We need fresh alternatives, and we need to roll them out now.

Building the Impact Economy
Will surprise you. You will find that rather than villains, bankers and financiers are key to the solution. Because without financial innovation, there will be no new solutions in scale.

Terry Tamminen
President, 7th Generation Advisor
Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency and Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Matthew Bishop
US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of The Economist

Robert Glauber
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, former U.S. Under Secretary of the Treasury

Andreas Ernst
Head of Impact Investing, UBS

Why should you read this book?
Because you are a member of one of the following groups:
- Citizens
- Investors and Finance Professionals
- Policymakers
- Managers
- CSR and Sustainability Professionals

Building the Impact Economy
builds on insights gathered from almost two decades of pioneering work around the world. The author shows how the power of entrepreneurship, investment and technology can enable real progress in four areas where a step change is now urgently needed.

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